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Yes, these are the people that are foolish enough to put their names to all this silliness, weird eh.

This page is really a place to store all the bloody code that lies behind these dam banners but then I thought why not cluster them all together and let them fight it out for our mutual amusement.

I cant personally guarantee any of them but I would be very interested to hear your feedback if you choose to deal with them.

Right, here we go then...Obviously you click their banners if you want more info.

This is the first that signed up with the site and I must admit that they have been good to me, always answer any questions that I have promptly and efficiently and any payments that they have generated have arrived promptly. Their product claims to provide proven results. I have only had one refund in many sales, if that's any measure of their claim? I don't know?

You have to admit though the banner below is amusing!



Want this spot, and others through the site, then ask why don't ya.

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This has been a Shagnasty production of value to me if you buy something!!!

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