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October 2002
"The POC"

Ladies and Gentlemen
"Shagnasty has left the building"

Issue Twenty Nine (30) Release Date: 14 October 2002 1996-2002
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A farewell note from your Editor, Shagnasty:

I know, I know, its been a while and I can but apologise for my absence. The problem is that as you may recall I set off mid-August on my motorbike to have a look at Spain and Portugal accompanied by my good friend VeryBlakeyNasty, and a damn good time we had too. Lush valleys, cloud encrusted mountains, no traffic and friendly people populated my world for nearly two weeks. Good food, good wine and good company made for a good life.
Then I got back to London, the city I still love. - But - less than two hours of the traffic where all persons on the road seem to be actively seeking death, one glance at the news telling me to get ready for a lovely war and the spotty morons standing under the golden arch enticing me to sample their tasty goodness, which we all know is anything but, and quite frankly I'd had enough.
So, thanks for reading many pages of silliness over the last few years, thanks for all the letters which I have so enjoyed reading, the compliments suggestions and criticism also. It's all served to clearly identify (to me) the quality of my character. Now however I'm off, buggered if I know where, just not here.

Be nice to each other if you can and I'll leave you with this picture VeryBlakeyNasty took of me as I turned my bike around and headed back towards the ferry.
Keep well People, its been fun...

(I'll pull over now and again to check my mail if you feel like writing: - Mail)
Enjoy yourselves now people wont ya'


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"Shagnasty's purchase of the month"

A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis


David M. Friedman's A Mind of Its Own is a cultural examination of the penis, from ancient Sumer to the present. Friedman convincingly suggests that humankind's various and contradictory attitudes toward the penis have been instrumental in mapping the course of both Western civilization and world history.
Friedman begins with pagan attitudes: ancient Greeks considered the penis a measure of a man's proximity to "divine power," while the Romans, whose generals were known to promote soldiers based on penis size, saw it as an indicator of earthly strength. Thanks to the spread of Christianity, the "sacred staff became the demon rod"--a fearful manifestation of the devil. Theology gave way, grudgingly, to science. In the Renaissance, anatomical discoveries allowed for the possibility that this "agent of death" was, in fact, only a "blameless instrument of reproduction." Subsequent chapters discuss the penis's role as a racial yardstick; its "defining role in human personality" as asserted by Freud; its politicization; and finally, through the likes of Viagra, its objectification as a "thing ... impervious to religious teachings, psychological insights, racial stereotypes and feminist criticism."

Friedman's study of what he calls the "symbolic muscle" is filled with fascinating side trips (castration cults, ancient graffiti, the anti-masturbation "semen-retention movement," aphrodisiacs through the ages, and, to modern eyes, risible medical practices with the likes of monkey glands), as well as a rich cast of characters (Leonardo da Vinci, John Kellogg of cornflake fame, Kate Millet, Clarence Thomas, and Walt Whitman). The book is informal, but well researched (and documented), entertaining but not cute, wide-ranging but not sketchy, and simultaneously irreverent and respectful. --H. O'Billovich.

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Disclaimer & Stuff To Generally Cover my Butt.

Right I'm no legal dude but I'll try to cover my butt in here as much as I can!

Everything above is just a laugh, I can't guarantee the accuracy of anything that is included, indeed some of it is wholly untrue. Members of the POC are not obliged in any way to the POC and the POC has no obligations to them.

Nothing included in this site or it's associated pages can be reproduced without the express permission of the author. I have tried to credit all sources external to the POC but if you believe that you have been infringed upon in any way write to me and I will either give credit or remove it, whatever is appropriate.

Persons wishing to contribute to the POC will be assumed to have done so on the basis that their contribution is available to be used in any way that I choose, if this is not the case then you should clearly state so.

The e-mail address of persons contributing will not knowingly be made available to any organization, under any circumstances.

Err, that's it I think. Butt covered.

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