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Right, who is Shagnasty!?

(The facts!)

Shagnasty lives and works in London, the greatest city in the world, although Chicago was nice and San Diego was damn funky too.

He gets up in the morning and observes the beauty of the leaves upon the trees that glisten in the pleasant sun kissed breeze, and then he does a poo.

He drinks a lot of coke which has resulted in funny colour pee.

He is a reasonably Okay'ish dude who believes in free speech, the right to protest and the right to sing the blues in public places. (The right to a 24 hour Danger Mouse channel on TV would also be nice.)

He is about six feet tall (Europeans do your own maths if you want it in Meters), hair on his head, eyes on his face, nipples on his chest and all the normal bits you would expect to find on a male.

He has refrained from plonking a picture of himself on this page as he thinks it a bit crass, so you have just the eyes to go on. Remember they are the gateway to the soul and as you can see, his is closed for alterations.

He has a brother, a mother and an Uncle and ...........and that's it really, a small family but nevertheless efficient.

He has no prejudices be they black, white, yellow, gay, straight, tall or small, but must admit that the welsh get on his bacon a bit. Except for Tom Jones, may he never grow old.

He drives a Honda Accord which is OK, an Africa Twin motorcycle, fly's a Cessna 172 aircraft but he would however quite like an Aston Martin, please.

He knows is way around a PC like the surface of his tongue (make your own minds up!) and can't play the trumpet or the piano.

He has the greatest collection of friends possible. He doesn't give a toss what you say, no man is luckier than he in this respect and will always remember that they are his greatest asset.

Right, that's it, if you need additional information mail him here and he will reply.

Shagnasty is also available through ICQ (48723888) and is currently: -

Goodbye sweet boys and girls, and those who have not made their minds up yet, and long live Rolf Harris, the man's a bloody God.

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This has been a Shagnasty production of unknown value

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