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Penis Owners Club

Friends & Links of the POC

Links that may, or may not, be of interest to you.

People that have been kind enough to link to me.

  • IWantOneOfThose - Stuff you don't need but really really want.
  • Sexual Mastery - A web site dedicated to promoting sexual health and performance.
  • Dont Blow Don't ask, just don't blow.
  • The Blast-Off-Girls - good listening.
  • Penis Reading - Palms, hah, old hat mate. Get your knob out if you really want to know yourself.
  • Dark Lady: - A lady - and bloody dark indeed.
  • Pookies Playland - Quality links, galleries, humour, and more
  • Locke201's Site. A collection of oddities, from an oddity!
  • Size Surveys Do you measure up?
  • John's Crawlspace !!!!! - What more can I say.
  • All things penis!
  • Penis Research More things penis!!
  • Adult Everything Guess what! Everything Adult!
  • The Newz Satire like it should be!
  • IAmPerfect.Net "Once you come you'll never want to leave"
  • VoyeurWeb For the Peeping Tom in all of us!
  • Achillesheel Radical men's magazine.
  • A Very good site for your shareware needs.
  • Virtual London An Online London Guide. Go on, get out a bit now and then.
  • My More penis related stuff, of course!


So you think that you have or know of a site that is worthy of inclusion, if so mail it's details using the form below and full consideration will be given to your entry.

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The above people are kind enough to sponsor all this weirdness, strange eh.

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