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(N.B. Requests for photos of the Shagnasty (a very common request strangely enough) are only granted on receipt of a dam good reason.)

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Subject Comment By Your Comment Shagnasty says...
Shagnasty Scapegoat Brilliant site Mr Shagnasty, I found your site as a result of searching on the random phrase 'gruesome dog ejaculation' on Google, whilst bored. I was well rewarded. I'm chuffed that such an innocent and no doubt often typed search should direct you to my site.
POM Nybrawler I shave my penis, is that ok? Also can you find me instructions on shaving my anus, as I cut myself a lot. Sometimes I really regret ever having written this site, and.... yes you guessed it my friend!
Shagnasty Danceman How big is your penis? Can u send me a pic to prove it? OK, let me see if I have got this right. You, a total stranger to me, have written asking me, a total stranger to you, to send you a picture of my Penis. That's right isn't it, I've understood you correctly.
Whilst there are so many reasons for saying no the best is the fact that you have the word "man" in your e-mail address.
Merch Michael Shagnasty T-Shirts sound like the perfect gift, for your boss for example. Do you make false teeth trays with the Shagnasty Logo on? Alas no my friend. "Penis Wear" doesn't yet extend to teeth related products. An oversight on my part I know.
POM Moonstargirl He he, big penis He he, I like to think so.
POM Joel K Why do they say men SUFFER from premature ejaculations? What man suffers from that? "Oh no, I've come. Woe is me." Surely it is the women who suffer? This has never made sense. Good God man, you're right. I had never thought of it like that. Full marks too you. On that basis I've made more women suffer than Genghis Khan.  
POM Nathan My friend claims that he has the ability to pull his balls, on impulse, up into his body. He offered to demonstrate but I declined. Have you ever heard of this? Is it possible. I've heard tale that Sumo Wrestlers do something similar but I don't know  if it's true. It's a real skill though, one hell of a party trick in the right company I would suggest.
POM Deborah Hey you will be punished for your dirty web page, it's not right and I'm going to report you for it. To the Penis Police no doubt. What actually did you find dirty I would ask? 
POM Slasher Is my penis supposed to bend back towards you or curl in any way? No, err ideally it would aim at the target not the shooter.
Shagnasty Allen I presume you're one of Bills goat children. He he. No, at least not these days. Bill was a dam fine man though, thanks for reminding me.
POM Hauf Wankings great yeah, but how do I shoot further. You seem to think that this is a skill that you lack. I suggest that you appear to be a most efficient wanker already my friend.
James Brown Funky Discussion Randal George Clinton es tu Funky en here-now Yeah, but GC makes himself funky, whereas JB IS funky.
Shagnasty Wonkyfox You da man I used to be da boy as well.
POM Dylan What a great site, the world needs more people like you to stand out and yell "I have a Penis" I don't actually tend to do that actually, you get strange looks. I think I know what you mean though, cheers.
POM Michael I am the proud possessor of a vintage model penis. I have never rented it out and have always kept it in my possession. It is a high mileage model but still runs well at 60. Damn good for you my friend. Look after it and it'll look after you I always say.
100 Things Walt Did Thomas Crapper invent the toilet. Err, yes mate. May I ask why you ask though!
Shagnasty Cafri Brauche porno gif What ? ! ?
Shagnasty Ripper Have you driven the chunnel, what's it like. You cant actually drive through it, you have to take a train. Anyway driving would be a pain what with all those rabid French dogs in the way.
Shagnasty Leo I like you Shag...even though you are British. Err, thanks very much, that's very kind of you, and despite my apparent handicap!
POM Tim Barker This is the finest example of a medical work that I have seen. Where did you get the idea? I used to be a mechanic, therefore I'm totally qualified to write a medical work don't you think!. [Shudder!]
Shagnasty Claire & Friends We drunken girlies want to know how big you are? In the cold light of a sober day I think that you probably regret sending that mail, don't you. (6 foot & 13 inches btw!)
James Brown Funky Discussion Rev Leen Whilst I enjoy a joke as much as the next man I think that the picture of James Brown offering his excess funk to the Lord is in bad taste & I demand that you remove it. (Extract from 3 page letter - SN) Firstly, err, NO. Secondly you obviously don't enjoy a joke as much as the next man do you. Now forgive me wont you?
Shagnasty Well Hung Pete Send me a picture of yourself and I'll rock your boat like Shamo in a kiddies pool. Love the phrase, scared stiff, err, silly by the offer though, No picture for you my friend.

Shagnasty Louise W I am an international gymnast, here is a photo of me doing the splits -- Nude. Taken by my boyfriend in case your interested. I'm only glad that it wasn't taken by your mother. Your Shagnasty pic will be sent as soon as I get out of the shower!
Rude Words Spiced Tea You didn't mention "Porcelain Goddess" or "The horizontal Mambo" in your list of rude words. I have now, cheers.
POM Stan RE: Penis Owners Manual ~ Spelling. It's PROSTATE not PROSTRATE. Perhaps I was referring to the position one adopts when it's examined. Or maybe I just cant spell. Thanks for the correction though.
Rude Words Pasta366** In 2,434 Rude Words and Phrases you should have a separate link for each category, it would make it much easier to find a specific word. Its nice to see that some people take their rude words so seriously. It took ages but the links have been added just for you.
POM Parebear I just love that word, couldn't you just say it all day, Penis, Penis, Penis.  Err, no. I tend not to myself, but hell, you knock yourself dead, go for it.
Shagnasty Romeo80 Can you send me nude pics NO! Err, perhaps. You first eh. (If girlie - if bloke DON'T!)
Shagnasty Lman Send me some funky stuff I refer the right honorable gentlemen to the James Brown discussion page.
Rolf Harris John from LI Who is Rolf Harris WHAT! End your life now, this instant my man.
Shagnasty Drmwvr Can I see a picture of your equipment? Pretty please, it would make me really happy and grateful. A picture of my PC, Stereo and Microwave oven is on route to you my dear, enjoy!
Shagnasty John from LI Old Chap, me thinks you are speaking of yourself in the second person -- Yes? He suggested that he was not. 

POM Taz006 Have you considered illustrating your manual? I think that we would get a better understanding if we had an illustrated version. That is a fine idea. I don't have time however to spend drawing hundreds of Peni (is that the collective noun for penis?) If you do, mail me here.
Shagnasty Dragon42 I want to know what makes an orgasm? Sex is generally the best method I have found. But hell experiment why don't ya!
Shagnasty Chip Jnr Thi si the funniest shit i have ever seen. No mate, your spelling si thi funniest shit i have ever seen.
Shagnasty Jessie Ha Ha Ha He He He, I'm a laughing gnome etc etc.  
POM Jessica Good job, you get a scratch behind the ears. Hey, I like the sound of that. It'll make a nice change from me scratching my own nuts after all.
POM J Barton I was just reading your penis page and I think it's awesome. I think she meant to write: - "I was just riding your penis and I think it's awesome". She must have, surely.
POM Eoin Hi my cock is 8.5 inches long and curves to the left. Is there anything I can do about it? Yeah, you make make sure that you always stand with me on your right thanks.
Shagnasty Storm Watcher You are talking to a 100% biker babe who wants you. Sorry but I'm a Soul Man. No bikers allowed. Unless they have big tits of course. Obviously that goes without saying!
POM JR36 So, do you have a page like this for the ladies? Presently, No. I've often thought about doing it, but as yet it don't exist. I do have something else for the ladies though. ("Ooh err misses")
Rude Words Chelsea Under Fornication I've heard it referred to as "Floating The Boat"  Your suggestion has been added.

Shagnasty Rosie Who are you? Err, I don't really know how to answer that really. I'm me.
Shagnasty J Brewer What is Shagnasty? It's a state of mind my friend.
POM Retardo What if you have a crooked Penis, what can be done? Find a crooked woman and have a crooked time.
Shagnasty J Cando My brother lives in London Really!
Shagnasty Jim Wells Where did the name Shagnasty come from? Originally, I don't know. I picked it up as a nickname when I was at college. It sort of fitted by behaviour at the time.
POM W C Daniels Hey, cool car in that web page Yeah, I like it. I'd buy one.
Rude Words D McDonald Here's another for Male Homosexual - "A Friend of Dorothy" a Wizard of Oz reference I think. Its added.
Shagnasty Playit I want to see some skin. Hold your hands in front of your eyes. That pink stuff, its skin. Enjoy.
POM Z Farkas Based on the following (Ripped from your POM)
1.Average length & diameter (Flaccid) = 3.5 x 1.25 inches.
2.Average length & diameter (Erect) 5.1 x 1.6 inches.
3. Average % increase in volume 300%

WOW! Lemme guess, you didn't do the math. Nothing adds up when you're horny eh?

Hmm. I think that it might be fair to say that I didn't do math full stop. Never mind that particular calculation.
Well done though, star letter type stuff.
Are U A Shagnasty Feline US Female Do I qualify as a Shagnasty as I have sung Salt'n'peppars "Push It" during the act. Of course you do my dear, & good for you too.

Shagnasty Bristol Nats & various others !!!!!! How big is your penis? Hey, come on now. At least try to sweet talk me a little for God's sake. (Bloody huge BTW)
POM Consuelo Very nicely done. I teach I teach human Sexuality in NJ & I know my students will find your web site a real kick. I commend you on a job well done. Well this is probably the best message that I have received so far. I'm stunned that my site might actually be used in such a way. Cheers.
POM Sweetie Pie I think it's wonderful that you put some men's health issues into terms that they can understand, not to say that all men are idiots of course. No, I think that you might be right. Most us are actually. Especially when it comes to our one eyed trouser snake.
POM Lastcookonearth I did not read anything on your site about using sun-tan lotion or what care should be taken of your penis when in the sun. Also nothing about what effects there are if using a vacuum cleaner. Your indeed correct, neither of these subjects were mentioned. If you think however that I am going to wave my privates around in the mid-day sun and then stick them into a vacuum cleaner for your benefit then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed my friend.
Rolf Harris D Berry Who the hell is Rolf Harris? -- I really hope he was a friend, a mentor or a childhood hero who did things his way, living life on his own terms. A man who took no shit from no man -- or woman. Who did what he wanted, when he wanted and if he wanted. A better description of the Rolf I couldn't have managed.
Shagnasty Roxanne Tell me more about yourself. I wish you people would be a bit more specific with your questions, Err let me think now.
I'm male, 33, hetro, and horny, is there any more to most blokes, no, I thought not!
Shagnasty R Witty I want a bigger penis. I want an Aston Martin, but as my mum used to say "I wants don't get". Enjoy life pencil dick & make the most of what you have my friend..
Shagnasty Badger Ex-Model, 32, Latin looks. Interested? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back, hell yeah. This lady received a private reply. :-)
POM E Lenze I laughed myself sick at your penis page, all men should have your sense of humour, they'd get laid more often. DAMN, I wish I'd known. All this years I've been going for the sympathy vote. When I haven't been begging that is.
POM Rob Send me a picture of your dick as I'm curious as too how bad it was for you to have built such a site as the Penis Owners Manual.  Now hold on one moment my friend. Just because I wrote the POC it doesn't mean that I have a rasher of bacon hanging between my legs now does it. No picture for you chap.
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